SPLENDID, BISTON. 2 firms under the Prime Fashion Group. An adventure started 15 years ago when an ambitious person named Dimitrios Skodras found himself being involved in the garments business without any special knowledge on this great and so demanding industry. With the passion of making something nice, that others will love and the assistance of his wife managed to create a small domestic company of ready made jackets.

As the years passed by, Gregory and Thalia joined the company, there was an additional desire to share THE PASSION FOR STYLISH CLOTHING and lounching of cloths people will love.

It was in 1992 when the brand Splendid first appeared – S-Skodras, D-Dimitrios aiming to provide goods to wholesalers. Through the years, managed to develop our own design department and come up with new ideas based on market feedback. With an efficient set of well-organized distribution channel throughout Greece, supported by competitive prices and on-time deliveries, our sales increased by 50% through the first four years.
In 1998 biston was created, the line that united creativity, innovation and fashion style to a casual approach.  

In 2004 a year of such importance to Greece (Olympics organisation, euro football) Prime Fashion made a further step by owing new headquarters and showrooms.

In 2007 moved to the new way of leaving and working and everyone in the company is proud and full of enthusiasm.