Prime Fashion S.A. was founded in Thessaloniki and includes the trademarks of Splendid, Biston, Smart.
In 1992, when the Splendid brand was launched for the first time - S. - Skodras, D. - Dimitrios, its target was the wholesale market. Over the years, they have managed to develop their own design concept and new ideas came to life based on the market needs.

With an efficient distribution channel across Greece, with its products at competitive prices and on-time deliveries, it increased sales by 50% in the first four years.

Biston was established in 1998; a brand that combined creativity, innovation and fashion in one single casual approach.
In 2007, it entered a new life and work style by launching its own privately-owned facilities and show rooms, as well as its even larger warehouses equipped with the latest logistics storage facilities, aiming to a most direct and fast service for its customers.

In 2012, Prime Fashion SA entered dynamically in the field of e-commerce by creating a modern online store and then in 2016 the online store was redesigned to match even better the brand’s image and to be even more functional and user-friendly for its customers. Investing in modern social media, we aim at breaking down the barrier between traditional retail and e-commerce, approaching more and more clients everywhere in Greece and throughout the world.

Prime Fashion S.A. (splendid, biston, smart) characterised mainly by its wide range in men's and women's jackets, launches a collection each season for men and women who want to feel special every moment.

The new collection brings up each person’s personal taste - proving that style can still be our ally in everyday demanding life.

Our new proposals for jackets, vests, synthetic leather, faux furs, sweatshirts, accessories appeal to men and women that love modern lifestyle and feel special. With a wide range of casual, athletic, boutique clothing and accessories, every person can find what best reflects her/his personality in outfits for the office, to go for a walk, go out to a restaurant, do sports.

The company takes special care so that the fabrics and auxiliary materials used are environmentally-friendly, accompanied by quality certificates, free from any substance that could be harmful to the consumer.

The company’s top priorities include further strengthening of the domestic retail network, either through equity or by developing new partnerships where appropriate.

Particular emphasis is placed on further developing its sales abroad. The company already seeks to further expand both in markets where it is already active and to also enter new markets that are of great interest for the company's products.

The company's clothes are currently available at more than 200 points of sale all over Greece, Cyprus, the Balkans, as well as at its online store