Terms and conditions of use

The terms and conditions mentioned below apply for the website and e-shop of the PRIME FASHION GROUP company, at www.biston.gr.


Before entering the website and online store and browse our pages, please make sure you agree with all terms and conditions set forth herein, as further use and browsing our website and web pages shall be presumed as all terms and conditions have been expressly accepted, without any exception. Should any user/ visitor does not agree with such terms and conditions, they are invited to refrain from using the e-shop and from any transaction with it.


Offered Information & Products

Our company is responsible for completeness and accuracy of the information listed on the site, both as regards the existence of essential characteristics as described for each product available and for the accuracy of information on the services of the online store with the exception of any technical or typographical errors that have escaped the attention or occur unintentionally or due to any downtime of the site on grounds beyond our control. As a consequence, the company, in the frame of good faith, shall not be responsible and is not committed regarding errors having resulted from registration of e-data on the online store.



Using this site means you assume exclusive responsibility for this use. PRIME FASHION GROUP makes all efforts to provide high quality services, but it does not guarantee that errors or discontinuances shall not occur.


No guarantee can be provided for the availability of products, but we can ensure that timely information of the unavailability will be provided. The company does not in any way declare that information included in documents and announcements published on this server are proper for any scope. The online store offers the content (information, photos, depictions) and the product provided hereby "as is", without any kind of guarantee.


Under no circumstances shall the online store www.biston.gr be liable for any claims, civil or penal, or for any damage possibly caused (incidental and consequential damage, which indicatively and not exhaustively, disjunctively or accumulatively represents loss of profit, data, pecuniary compensation for moral damage etc) possibly sustained by any visitor of the online store, or any third party related to the operation or non- operation and/ or the use of the website and/ or in failure to provide the services and/ or products and/ or information provided herein, and/ or from possibly non permitted interventions of third parties over products and/ or services and/or information provided herein.


Intellectual property rights

This webpage is the official website of "PRIME FASHION GROUP", and all content of web pages including images, graphics, photographs, texts, services and products are property of the company and protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions.


Thus, any copying, analog / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transmission, downloading, processing, resale, create a derivative work or mislead the public about the real provider of the content of websites. Any reproduction, downloading, distribution, or transmission or any other use of the Content in any manner or means, for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with prior written permission of the company. Thus, use of this content shall be made only for purposes of information and non commerce, and copying, transferred in the network of other computer or being distributed in other channels of communication is prohibited. Any other use is strictly forbidden and might incur serve civil and penal penalties.


User Obligations

Users of the web site www.biston.gr accept and assume responsibility not to use the online store in order to send, publish, send via e-mail or otherwise transmit:

1. any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, violate the privacy of others,

2. any content that is racially, ethnically or otherwise discriminatory or shows empathy towards such discrimination, can cause harm to minors in any way,

3. any content not to be transmitted in accordance with law or contractual relations or management (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or covered by confidentiality agreements)

4. any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of others,

5. any content that contains software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destruction or preventing the operation of any computer software or hardware,

6. intentionally or unintentionally violates the Greek and EU legislation and provisions

7. any content that may impede third in any way and

8. any content used to collect or store personal data of users.


Moreover, users agree that all members, collaborators, employees, managements and shareholders of the company shall not be liable for any damage caused to any third party using the website of the company. Any use opposing the above mentioned, apart from possible penal and civil penalties shall incur discontinuance of the services provided without any further notice.


Applicable Law

This site has been created and is under the control of "PRIME FASHION GROUP" and its use shall be governed by Greek Law, and users accept not to use our site in order to infringe these laws. In case users choose to access our site from another country, they are responsible for observing the legislation of the respective country. The above mentioned terms are presumed as complete agreement with the company, which preserves the right to modify the content of the site and of the aforementioned terms without any previous notice.



1. Application: The present Contract covers exclusively the sale of products through the website www.biston.gr of the company " PRIME FASHION GROUP ". Any other terms and Conditions of Sales are explicitly excluded. All users proceeding to a transaction through the online store of the company shall be presumed to agree and accept unconditionally all the terms set forth herein, without any exception. Shipping of your order shall mean acceptance of the present Contract and of all its terms and conditions. Therefore, should any user not agree with the below described terms, they are invited to refrain from any transaction with our online store.


2. Orders/ Contract: All order shall be received online in written, filling-in and submitting the related Order Form available at the website www.biston.gr, and shall be binding as long as they are accepted by the COMPANY, which shall send you a notification for the status of your order, informing you that your Order was Successfully Placed. This placement shall be recorded in the system of the company and shall also appear on user's screen and e-mailed upon submission of the order. Users are responsible to verify the above mentioned Successful Placement of the order, and immediately notify the company (up to 2 hours from reception of the electronic notification for Successful Placement of the order) in written, for any error occurred. Otherwise, the data included in the Successful Order Placement notification shall be applied in this Contract. Before sending the Order Form, users should take into consideration the following:


- All prices mentioned for the products presented in this website do not include the applicable Value Added Tax

- All special offers of products are subject to stock availability


The company shall make all efforts to offer, everyday, high quality services. The company, in the frames of good faith, shall not be liable and does not commit for any errors on specifications, photographs, and product prices mentioned on the website www.biston.gr and is not able to guarantee that errors shall not occur, for any reason, during introduction and/ or update of these specifications and/ or the price of products. In the frame of good faith, and in order to protect the users, in case you observe that a product is offered at an unusually low or high price, compared to its market value, and before placing your order, you are invited to notify us concerning this finding or doubt about the fact unusually high/low price of any product, filling the Communication Form in, available at our website.


Methods of Payment

The available methods of payments are the following:


- Cash on Delivery: Upon delivery of the products you have ordered, you pay the due amount to the shipping company that has delivered your order. Please note that Cash on Delivery option is available only for domestic orders (within Greece).


- Online PayPal account charging


- Online Credit Card charging


- Bank Account deposit: You may pay for your order, using one of the following bank accounts



Iban GR3602601910000050200255780

 Moreover, you may choose to have either a Retail Sale Receipt or an Invoice issued. Invoices are issued for companies and freelancers, provided that, during their order, they have filled in the following: Company Name, TIN, IRS, and Headquarters of the company, and Profession (applicable for Freelancers).


4. Product Shipping

The products of your order shall be shipped with the service of your choice, at the place specified in the Order Form.  Deliveries are made within or outside Greece, during working days (Monday to Friday), 09.00- 15.00. Shipping charges vary according to cost and weight of the products, and depend on distance. Products shall be delivered within two or three working days, depending on distance and load. The place of delivery is specified on Order Successful Placement form. Ownership of the products is transferred only upon full payment, while risk is transferred upon delivery.


5. Guarantee: The Company does not provide any guarantee for products made of third manufacturers. For such products, the company shall provide the customer with a guarantee issued by the respective manufacturer or License of Use provider. The company shall not provide any guarantee for suitability of the sold products for any purpose.


6. Force Majeure: The company shall not be not responsible for the delay in the execution of the online order (including delivery) arising from facts or general causes are not attributable to a fault of the company or due to force majeure. Examples of force majeure are strikes, delays arising from suppliers, fluctuations in exchange rates, governmental or legislative acts, extreme weather, natural disasters etc. If conditions which prevent the right execution last longer than 2 months, the present contract may be solved by any contracted party, without any compensation.


7. Customer's Obligations:

Customers are responsible for:

- Selecting the Products and their suitability for the User's purposes

- Telephone and post expenses, to communicate with the Company, if applicable


8. Defective Products: To avoid any inconvenience, please check carefully, at delivery of your order, the condition of the products delivered to you and whether their package is intact, in order to verify possible visible defects (i.e. broken product etc). In case you discover any defect, please contact immediately our online store (same day of delivery), using the Contact Form available at our website. To address deficiencies or lack of guaranteed properties apply to items sold provisions of the Civil Code. To be considered an attribute, you must be certified as such in writing by both parties. It is possible to have the defected product replaced. However n case of refund, and accordingly, both in the way they chose to pay the order and the way to prepare the return, the refund of the client user will be completed within thirty (30) days from the date received products from the store.


Return policy: The products may be returned within 14 business days, without having been used, without its package having been opened, or the initial package of the product or the product itself having any scars or flaws. Refund shall be made in the same method as initial payment, unless otherwise agreed upon. In case there are any scars or flaws, return shall not be accepted. In case of return due to defective product, or any other reason, shipping costs shall be borne by the customer.


9. Modification of Terms: The Company has the right to unilaterally modify, update and revise the terms and conditions for transactions made via its online store, any time this is necessary and always according to fair trading practices. Modification or update hereof shall be effective upon update of the present content for any change.


10. Miscellaneous: If any part of this convention proved invalid or unenforceable by a court, the remaining contracts will continue to be valid. The company is entitled to enter contracts in order to assign its obligations to a proper third party. All notices must be in writing (by hand, email, fax or by mail, which will be deemed delivered 48 hours after posting).


11. Applicable Law- Jurisdiction: This Contract shall be governed by Greek law, and especially laws that regulate issues related to e-commerce, distance selling and consumer protection, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Thessaloniki.


Personal Data

We have created this webpage on the exclusive purpose of our customers' service. When visiting out online store, you might be prompted to provide personal data necessary for us to process your orders.


Website www.biston.gr keeps your personal data safe, as long as you are registered to any service of the website. These data are deleted upon termination, in any way, of the transaction relationship.


Personal data you provide to www.biston.gr are exclusively used by the company, in order to support, promote and execute the existent transaction relationship. The files kept by the company may be revealed to competent juridical, police and other administrative authorities upon legal request and according to legal regulations applicable. Customer, in the context of legislation for the protection of confidentiality of telecommunications, has the rights of information and objection foreseen by the articles 11 to 13 of the Law 2472/1997.


Website www.biston.gr does not distribute any information related to its customers and users to any other organization or partner.


Website www.biston.gr may use cookies for convenience proposes and for the operation of the services provided via its webpage. Cookies are not harmful for the computers and files kept in user's computers. Please have in mind that cookies are absolutely necessary for the webpage to operate correctly and continuously.



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